MCHCA Executive Staff



Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr.
International Presiding Prelate & Senior Bishop

Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., D.Min. serves as the Senior Bishop of Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America, Inc.  He was appointed in August of 2008, by Senior Bishop Emeritus Harold I. Williams after an eight-year appointment as Vice-Bishop. Prior to his appointment as Vice-Bishop, he served two years as 2nd Vice-Bishop. Bishop Owens is the founder and senior pastor of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC, which also serves as the organization's International Headquarters. He is the husband of Evangelist Susie C. Owens, who serves as his Co-Pastor. 

He has also been privileged to serve as the Dean of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops since the year 2000. In addition, Bishop Owens serves as Adjunct Professor at Howard University School of Divinity, where he teaches classes in the field of Homiletics and Church Leadership and Administration.

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Co-Pastor Susie C. Owens
International First Lady

Co-Pastor Susie Owens serves MCHCA as First Lady.  She accepted the position of International First Lady after Bishop Owens’ appointment to Senior Bishop.  She has been in the ministry for over forty years during which time she has traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as abroad.  Her unique presentation of the gospel has enabled her to minister to many denominations and organizations and as a result she is a much sought after preacher, teacher, leader, and counselor.  Moreover, her gift has made room for her, allowing her to minister on national platforms to tens of thousands.   

As the International First Lady, she oversees the women’s activities on a national level while finding creative ways to empower women spiritually.  Locally, Co-Pastor Susie serves alongside her husband in ministry at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, Washington, DC.

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Bishop Hansel H. Henry
Executive Vice-Bishop

Bishop Hansel H. Henry serves as Executive Vice-Bishop.  Before his 2008 appointment, he served as the 2nd Vice-Bishop for eight years.  Bishop Henry served as the International Treasurer for the organization from 1998 until 2001.  He has held the senior pastorate of several Mount Calvary local assemblies including Mount Calvary Holy Church in Columbus, Ohio, from 1972 until 1983, and New Calvary Temple in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1983 until the present.  He is the husband of Evangelist Deloris Henry, who serves as his co-pastor. 

As Vice Bishop and Vice President of the organization, Bishop Henry performs the duties of the President  removed.  He also performs other duties as assigned by the President. 




Bishop T. Cedric Brown
2nd Vice-Bishop

Bishop T. Cedric Brown was appointed 2nd Vice Bishop in August 2010. He has served as the General Secretary of the organization since 2001.  Prior to his appointment as International Secretary, Elder Brown served several years as Assistant International Secretary. He also serves as the Associate Pastor of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D. C., a position he has held since January of 2000.  He is the husband of Elder Bobette Brown.

As International Secretary, Elder Brown is responsible for keeping accurate and complete minutes of the proceedings of the International Holy Convocation.  He also keeps a valid record of the Executive Board of Bishops' meetings and performs clerical duties as may be assigned.




Deacon Dwight D. Ellard

Deacon Dwight D. Ellard has served as the organization's International Treasurer since August of 2001.  Since 1991 he has also served as the Chief Administrator of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D.C. He is the husband of Mrs. Tammy Ellard.

As International Treasurer of the organization, Deacon Ellard is responsible for the day-to-day financial management of the General Treasury under the instruction of the Senior Bishop.  He monitors the in-flows and out-flows of the organization and makes annual reports of the church's financial status to the Executive Board of Bishops and the General Assembly.



Bishop-Designate Tejado Hanchell, Ph.D
General Secretary

Pastor was appointed General Secretary in August 2010. Rev. Hanchell also serves as the National Youth & Young Adult President for the Mount Calvary Holy Church of America, Inc. His responsibilities include hosting the organization’s annual National Youth & Young Adult Convention and helping to develop the future leaders of the organization.  

Rev. Hanchell was elected to serve as the fourth Senior Pastor of the historic Mount Calvary Holy Church in Winston-Salem, NC – “The Church Committed to Do MORE.” Under his leadership, the church has experienced growth and renewed fervor. Rev. Hanchell attributes much of his ministry success to the training he received under his spiritual parents, Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr. and Co-Pastor Susie C. Owens of Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC.