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#MCHCASTRONG 92nd Holy Convocation Adjutancy Archbishop Alfred A. Owens Bahamas Jurisdiction Bishop-Designate Kelson H. Miller Bishop-Designates Bishop Haywood Parker Bishop Herbert C. Crump Bishop Ruth Peterson Bishop Terrence Sykes Calvary Cares Charlotte NC Dr. Johnathan Alvarado Enthronement & Installation Executive Offices Feeding America Florida State Conference Global Penticostal Perspective Hosanna. Fellowship Church of Gretna Hospitality Hurricane Ida Jr. Lena Byrd Miles MCHCA News Coversage Minister Jeremy Wilder Morning Glory Vision Casting Mt. Calvary Mondays NC Carolina Coastal District New Affiliated Bishops Northeast Jurisdiction Official Night Overseer F. Emmanuel Carvil Pastor Latoya Brewington Protocol STRONG Administration STRONGChurch STRONG Church STRONG Church Leadership Institute Virginia District Convocation Worships & Arts

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